The Project People


 Christi Deligiannidou ARSISTrainner, Administration
 Evi Papatheodorou ARSISResearcher, Trainer
 Nikos Gavalas ARSISProject Manager
 Hana Danihelkova ATHENAProject manager
 Klara Hanelova ATHENAResearcher, trainer
 Mark Dunford DigiTalesStrategic Director
 Outi Vellacott DigiTalesTraining Director
 Anastasopoulou Vaso Dimitra I.T.D.Administration, Coordination of Transnational & Dissemination Activities
 Avramoudis Vasilis Dimitra I.T.D.Implementation of Quality Assurance standards
 Chatzi Areti Dimitra I.T.D.Financial Administration, Reporting
 Chatzi Efstathia Dimitra I.T.D.Coordination of National Activities, Development Deliverables, Evaluation, Trainer
 Liokos Theodoros Dimitra I.T.D.ICT Tool Development, Trainer
 Mandrekas Nikos Dimitra I.T.D.Web Site Development, Trainer
 Petrou George Dimitra I.T.D.Project Manager, Overall Project Coordination
 Ana Úrbez Marco DocumentaTrainer
 Gema Álvarez Egido DocumentaFinancial administration and reporting
 Gema Díaz Domínguez DocumentaCoordination of activities, network and dissemination. Implementation. Trainer
 Javier Farto López DocumentaProject Manager / Overall Coordination. Trainer and researcher
 Athena Knais EDITCDissemination Activities, Trainer
 Maria Knais EDITCCoordination, Researcher
 Maria Papastephanou EDITCAdministration, Reporting
 Stelios Stylianou EDITCTechnical and Trainer
 Erika Daniene SEDCProject Assistant
 Mindaugas Danys SEDCProject Manager
 Arkadiusz Orłowski SGGWProject Coordination in Poland
 Ewa Jałowiecka SGGWTrainee, trainer, show case organizer
 Luiza Ochnio SGGWProject manager in Poland
 Marian Rusek SGGWTrainings, ICT tool development
 Mirosław Woźniakowski SGGWEvaluation, reporting
 Piotr Jałowiecki SGGWTrainee, trainer, show case organizer
 Piotr Mazur SGGWVice-manager in Poland, Web site development
 Robert Budzyński SGGWTrainee and financial administration
 Tomasz Minkowski SGGWAdministration, evaluation