The Project Deliverables


Work Package 1
ICT Management Tool
Activity Plan
Work Package 2
Organization of Subcommittees
Methodology Approach & Trainers Package
Gathering of Materials for Training Package
Work Package 3
Design of Pilot Training of Trainers
Implementation of Training the Trainers
Work Package 4
E‐Content Area
Restricted Partner Area
Public Area
Monitoring of Tasks
Web Based Dissemination Purposes
Work Package 5
Preparation of Pilot
Implementation of Pilots
Work Package 6
Evaluation Approach
Receive and Process Feedback
Work Package 7
QA Framework
Interim - Final Report
Risk Analysis
Work Package 8
Dissemination Through Web Site/ICT
National Showcases
Development of Dissemination Material
Final Conference
Dissemination Guide
Work Package 9
Not Specified